When is the Casual Tuesday Tournament, where is GnG, how much coes it cost, and is there a prize for winning?

The Casual Yugioh Tournament is held every Tuesday from 6 to 8:30 PM at Gamers n Geeks at 4805 Moffett Rd, Mobile, AL 36618.  Entry is $3 and you receive an OTS (Official Tournament Store promo pack, comes with 3 randomized cards) pack for free with your entry.

The goal is for everyone to have fun playing casual decks without the pressure that comes from the traditional tournament environment so there is no prize for winning. If you have class, a curfew, or just somewhere else to be, there is no penalty for leaving early. Just come on in and have some fun.

Can I play (insert card name here) or (insert deck name here)?

    Yes, feel free to play any cards or decks not specifically on the Casual Tuesday Banlist or the regular Konami Advanced banlist.

Why is there an additional ban list for the Casual Tuesday Tournament?

The goal of the ban list is to encourage diversity in decks played, not to preemptively hit decks that make their way into the competitive circuit. If a deck goes undefeated one night, your earn the privilege of having a card from your deck placed on the list to level the playing field.

Is water wet?

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Does a straw have one or two holes? 

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It might help to imagine a mobius strip. If you could stand on the surface of the straw, no matter where you stood on the straw, you are always on the outer portion of the straw even if you could see more of the straw above you. You are not so much as inside the straw as the whole straw is exterior.